Creating customisable, high quality items using traditional methods.


We make all of our goods for the Outline brand with three main principles in mind - that each product needs to be equal parts beautiful, durable, and functional.



Starting with a large hide, the pieces needed for each product are carefully cut by hand from the skin.

The pieces are then stitched by hand using a traditional saddle stitch method. Although it's far more time consuming, thread stitched by hand is known to be stronger than by machine, something essential for our small goods.

All our of goods are finished by hand; traditionally burnished to smooth down the leather fibres and give the product a glossy natural edge.



We want to make products which will outlast the devices they protect, ready to be repurposed many years on. And if they don't, we guarantee them for five years after purchase - we can nearly always re-stitch or repair to give items a new lease of life.

Our skills in cutting, stitching, and finishing give us the ability to make a far higher quality product than others - something which is long lasting and that will tell a story over time.

We're always working in our small workshop here in the Midlands - see what we've been working on by looking at our workshop blog.



Renowned as the most premium of all leathers, vegetable tanned leather is treated and coloured using natural dyes from tree bark and plant matter, making it better for the environment.

Producing veg tan is a much more intensive process and takes far longer than other methods - each hide takes weeks to finish, not days.

The natural dyeing and minimal dressing let vegetable tanned leather develop a patina as it's used, taking on every scratch and knock to tell a story.


We stitch each item by hand using the famous Fil au Chinois brand of cabled linen thread, which has been produced in Lyon, France since 1847.


Created by Matt and Mark, we started making leather goods to fit our own devices after we couldn't find anything which matched the quality and simplicity of our iPhones and iPads.

For us it's important to hand pick each leather skin, as well as design and manufacture everything ourselves.

Our devices are incredibly personal to us, so this is reflected when you buy one of our products - having the choice of many distinct but equally luxurious leathers and your own preferred stitching.

We put the Outline brand onto every product to show it's a worthy companion to accompany your technology and the other items you carry every day.