Our guarantee


We believe in the quality of our goods, so we guarantee all of our products with a warranty. For any issues that arise from faults in workmanship or materials with normal use, we will repair or replace your item at no charge.


Device sleeves

2 year warranty

All of our iPhone, iPad, and MacBook sleeves are guaranteed for 2 years after you receive them.

This means if a stitch comes loose on your case or something else goes wrong which isn't your fault, send it back to us and we'll repair it.


5 year warranty

Our full leather goods have a 5 year guarantee. They're made of nothing but leather and stitches, so we can extend the warranty period.

This covers any issues you have with defects in materials and workmanship - but not abuse or severe damage.

  • iPhone sleeve with pull tab
  • iPad sleeve with sleep + wake
  • MacBook sleeve
  • Card holder
  • Passport fold
  • Cable clip