We choose our range of leather from the highest quality and most unique full-grain hides we can get our hands on, so hides are often in limited quantities.

Taken from the very top part of the hide, full-grain is the best quality leather available. It's also the strongest and most water-resistant, as the skin's fibre structure is much more dense at the top. 

Full-grain skins retain all of the natural markings and variations of the animal's hide, since their surface isn't altered or sanded down.


Saint Crispin hides


Our extra special Crispin skins come from Alpine calves, and are tanned with a transparent top coating so the natural markings show through. This makes each skin unique, with different characteristics to other leather.

They are incredibly soft and smooth to the touch and hand-burnished by us to give a subtle sheen. Perfect for watch straps and other small items, these pure vegetable tanned leathers are bright yet not overbearing in hue, and will take on a greater sheen with use.


current hides

Our range of classic hides are available across all collections, and vary greatly depending on what they're used for. Some are delicate and soft, and others are wear-resistant to withstand harsh treatment - meaning you can choose one to fit you perfectly.

This range is limited, and regularly rotated, so goods are made in small batches and each product is unique.



The nature of vegetable tanned leather means every piece will tell a unique story.

It will age gracefully over time, unlike other chrome tanned leathers.

Our goods will wear in with use, not out, developing scratches and grooves, and darkening more in spots of greater wear. This is part of owning a quality vegetable tanned leather product, and your item will become completely unique in time.

Vegetable tanned hides aren't usually water resistant, so it's best to avoid splashes or drops. Exposure to sunlight will darken the leather gradually, so keep this in mind if you want more control over the ageing process.

If the leather seems dry or cracked, you can apply creams or oil. It's advisable to try a small area at first, as any products or conditioners could darken or otherwise affect appearance of the leather.


Retired Hides

Depending on how popular a leather hide is, we may run out from time to time. Some of our pictures may show goods made from leathers we no longer have in stock. 

If there is a colour or style of leather you'd like us to order, get in touch with us. 





A beautiful vegetable tanned cow shoulder hide, its mid brown colour will quickly change as it acquires a patina to earn its vintage name.




Dark blue finish with a waxy feel. Provides protection against rain and dirt and has an attractive sheen.


Soft and pliable, this calf leather is a constant shade of mid-brown. It is milled for a smooth tactile grain pattern.




Undyed with minimal treatment, this naturally pale leather will age visibly and develop a rich patina.


Italian calfskin with a milled texture and a slate grey tone. This is an incredibly soft and flexible full-grain skin from the Veneto region.


Thick classic tan with a smooth finish, this hide is one continuous bold colour with a strong sheen.