iPad sleeve with sleep + wake

Smooth vegetable tanned leather case with built-in magnets to wake up your iPad.

Rare earth magnets hidden within the sleeve work with the magnets built in to every iPad. When your device is removed from the sleeve it instantly wakes up, ready for use. And when it's slid back into its case, it will lock and go to sleep automatically.

  • Premium leather with a soft wool felt lining
  • Sleeps and wakes iPad automatically
  • Cut and stitched by hand with quality linen thread
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about the ipad sleeve

Our iPad sleeves have a soft wool felt lining to protect from scratches, and are made of two pieces of beautiful leather which cover the device.

We use incredibly strong neodymium magnets to activate the sensors built in to every iPad. They're also just 0.5 mm thin - so won't disrupt the feeling of the case or interfere with any other devices.

You can slip your iPad into the sleeve and plug headphones into it, or turn it 180° and plug in a charger. The sleeve's magnets work both ways, and will still lock/unlock regardless of orientation.