iPhone sleeve with pull tab

A compact protective sleeve for iPhone made from vegetable tanned full-grain leather with a unique magnetic pull tab for quick access.

Made from two pieces of durable leather cut from our hides and paired with a wool felt lining for extra protection.

A grosgrain ribbon pull tab is integrated seamlessly between the case's layers, being strong without feeling bulky.

  • Slim, protective, and convenient
  • Magnetic grosgrain ribbon pull tab gets your phone out quickly
  • Hand-stitched using quality linen thread
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about the iphone sleeve

The iPhone sleeve was designed to give protection to the device from drops, have a soft lining for the screen, and be easy to get to when taking a phone call or checking the time.

The magnetic pull tab connects to strong neodymium magnets concealed at the top and bottom of the case, ensuring it's always where you expect it to be. It works to get your phone out quickly and means the sleeve has a more secure fit.