MacBook sleeve

Two large cuts of durable full grain leather form a slim, simple sleeve to protect your MacBook.

Perfectly shaped to the contours of the MacBook, the sleeve's leather outer protects against scratches, and the soft wool felt interior cushions the laptop inside. Its edges are burnished by hand to seal them and prolong life of the leather.

  • Ultimate minimal design: nothing but leather, felt, and stitching
  • Slim enough to take with you anywhere
  • Hand stitched using premium linen thread
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About the MacBook sleeve

We rely on our MacBooks to do everything, whether in the workshop or while travelling. So our MacBook sleeves need to carry essentials and stand up to everyday wear.

That's why durable vegetable tanned leather is the perfect material. Rugged enough to withstand anything, whilst being striking to look at and soft to the touch, with a wool felt lining enveloping the aluminium frame of the laptop.

The MacBook sleeve uses more leather than any of our other products, and really highlights the hide it's cut from. The large leather sections let you see the variations in tone throughout a natural vegetable tanned hide, and more of the natural markings which are distinctive of such high quality leather.