Passport fold

A single piece of folded leather with two perfectly sized pockets for a passport and other travel essentials.

One compartment protects your valuable travel items and makes it easy to get your passport out quickly - ideal for passport control. The other will take any cards, notes or travel documents.

It’s also been designed to fit one of our card holders in, so you don't have to empty your wallet to keep everything together.

  • Simple fold with two compartments
  • Angled or Rolled pocket designs
  • Hand stitched with linen thread

Customise leather and stitching in the next step.

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About the passport fold


The ultimate minimal travel companion, the Passport fold lets you slip your whole passport in and out easily, without needing to tuck its cover in. We found that this makes it quicker to get out, and means less hassle at the airport.

The fold has been designed to accommodate anything - not restricting you to a specific function. This freedom lets you slip a UK passport in one section and almost anything else in the other. Cards, boarding passes, foreign currency, vaccination records, booking confirmation, hotel details... everything is easily stored and can be accessed as quickly as possible.

It's even more convenient when paired with a card holder. All your travel essentials (passport + documents) and everyday essentials (credit cards + notes) together in a handy f0ld. Choose a matching hide and stitch colour to co-ordinate both - or sample two hides and get something different for each.