House hides: July 2015

To coincide with the launch of the website, we've chosen four new leather hides for the workshop, which will start showing up on the hides page and in the shop. We're also offering a code to give you 20% off all orders until the end of July - use LAUNCH20 at the checkout.

We're excited to start making products from these hides and think they'll look especially good in our accessories.

Read more about the new hides below, including which products we offer in them. If you've got thoughts about a custom order, email us at - we're always happy to discuss ideas.

These two leathers feel incredible to touch, being the perfect balance of softness and strength. They're ideal for our small goods like the iPhone sleeve and card holder, which are handled constantly - and you won't want to put them down.

Lustrous autumn gold and orange tones throughout make these skins great examples of the vegetable tanning process, using bold colours from a natural palette. 

The light tannage also means they're sure to take on a strong patina with use - especially when in constant contact with pockets or bags. We think that goods from this leather will quickly become completely unique, telling more of a story as they're used.

Another example of strong natural colours, this bold red bears a resemblance to a tomato's skin, full of differing tones and nuance.

It works especially well for iPad and MacBook sleeves, as their large surface areas show off more of the varied tones of the leather which make this hide distinctive. Stitching to accompany the red leather could be in a similar red to blend in, or an off-white écru for a strong contrast.

Similar to the Dark black in substance, it's not currently available for iPhone sleeves due to its increased thickness, but we're always open to custom requests.

The tomato red tan is a stand-out hide, less understated than others while still looking natural. Its soft flesh underside is coloured with a slight rose hue, providing a strong contrast with its red surface - ideal for products where both sides are visible.

We chose the dark navy colour of this hide to be vastly different from anything else we offer. It has a subtle, vintage look and a constant blue surface.

Similar in substance to the Gold and Amber tan hides, the additional waxy surface finish of this leather gives it a greater shine and will further protect against scratches and scrapes - as well as water droplets.

The Waxed navy hide's underside is untreated, left to its natural colour to give a two-tone contrast with its surface. It suits our Card holder or Passport fold well, and can be accentuated by a light-coloured stitch.