Cable Clips


What are they

Our cable clips are made entirely from leather, with a 10mm press stud that clips into place and keeps any cable from tangling up.

The cable clips are available in every leather that we stock - which means you could get a cable clip from soft leather like the Vintage Brown, or a thicker, more heavyweight hide like our Tomato Red. Each one has a different feel and is completely unique. I've also found that because they are a 'high travel' item they get thrown around your bag, giving them a lovely aged look depending on the leather. 

How i use them

  1. Headphones 2.5mm audio cable - (Golden tan / Roll style)
  2. iPhone/iPad USB charger cable (Waxed navy / Saddle style)
  3. Apple Watch charger, or for any extras (Bridle tan / Saddle style)

The cable clips are perfect for organisation. It's great to be able to colour co-ordinate, knowing straight away my Waxed navy clip has my iPhone charger cable inside, and put it straight into my bag.


We have two styles of cable clips: the Roll style which rolls around your cable and clips it together, and the Saddle style which folds over your cable and clips it together. Each way works great, and will give you a few more options if you travel with a lot of cables.

Thanks for reading about how I use my cable clips. Don't forget until the end of July you can get 20% off any product using the code LAUNCH20 at the checkout.