iPhone sleeve: pull tab


Why we love it

Our iPhone sleeve with pull tab is designed to let you access your phone as quickly as possible, but it also allows the case to have a more snug fit - so your phone won't fall out of the sleeve but is still easily accessible. The full leather of the case protects your phone when it's a bag or a pocket, and means there's no extra weight when you need to use it. 



The pull tab has a glossy sheen and matches the lining of the sleeve, giving a visible contrast to the outside of the case depending on the colour of your leather.


When creating an iPhone sleeve with an integrated pull tab, it had to be durable to survive being repeatedly taken out. It needed to be thin and not add bulk to the case, and have a smooth action when taking the phone out.

To achieve this, we concealed strong yet incredibly thin N52-grade neodymium magnets between the leather and felt layers of the sleeve. The magnets attract the pull tab's steel insert to keep it flush with the case, and also keep the tab in place when it's withdrawn.


We tested many different materials for the pull tab and found that the grosgrain ribbon had the least friction with the quickest motion - but most importantly remained strong and soft to touch.

The grosgrain ribbon we chose is made from strong woven Japanese polyester with a grippy texture, and gives satisfying audible feedback when pulled out or put back.

When the iPhone is put back into the case, the ribbon slides gracefully back into place and sits securely on the top of the case ready for when you next need it.

All of this results in a slim yet protective leather sleeve which lets you get your phone in and out as fast as possible.