iPhone simple sleeve


The iPhone simple sleeve is a slimmed down sleeve with no lining or pull tab. We wanted to make a simple, minimal product which feels luxurious and protective, and yet still makes it easy to get to your phone.

We've managed this by using our great range of vegetable tanned leathers, keeping the natural flesh side of the leather exposed. The sleeve is then stitched with an opening at the top so you can easily reach inside and grab your phone.

The flesh side of the leather is extremely soft and keeps your phone cushioned inside the case, while the outside fights off scratches and dents that the phone would normally encounter.

We have two thicknesses in our range of leather: the normal 1-1.5mm lighter weight, and our heavier weight is 2-2.5mm. Both offer great protection, but if your phone tends to get knocked about quite often the thicker weight leathers might be worth considering.

I find myself using a couple of different cases for different situations. For more formal events and evening wear I use the dark black or vintage brown which are more subtle. The tomato red is great for when I'm on my bike - the heavyweight leather giving a bit of extra protection in case I come off. It also has the added benefit of being bright so I can easily find it in a packed bag.

The range of leather and stitching colour combinations gives these sleeves real character, and they make a great customised accessory for your phone.